Masquerade of the Mad

I found the first photo on my dash and it struck me as rather cruel.  

The second photo is of me.

I am small.   I am nineteen and weigh ninety-seven lbs.   I have been called a skinny bitch, skin and bones, and an ugly slut, all because of my size.   I can not tell you how many people have told me to ‘go eat something’ simply because I am small.   I have struggled with anorexia, and though I often still feel self conscience about my body, I have overcome it.   Despite my victory over my eating disorder I am still accused of being sickly and of being too thin.   We all have different body types, all of them are unique and beautiful, they make us who we are- why is it so hard for people to see this?   To see that a person’s freckles, chubby fingers, frizzy hair, or boney hips are what makes them them; beautiful, unique and one hundred percent them.   I am healthy, I am strong, I eat what I want, I wear a size zero, and I love my body.